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Cartoon Network Transformers

Transformers: Robots in Disguise [Urdu, Hindi] Episodes (720p HD)

Transformers Robot in Disguise Urdu Hindi Episodes Cartton Network 720p HD

Transformers: Robots in Disguise  Episodes (720p HD)Years after the events of Predacons Rising, Cybertron’s genesis brings forth a new age of prosperity to a new generation of Transformers. Earth no longer remembers the Decepticon-Autobot conflict as Cybertronians stopped visiting the planet. Bumblebee has since become a seasoned Cybertronian police officer and despite his fame, he chooses to be a humble peacekeeper. Things change when he is summoned by the vision of Optimus Prime. Thought to be long dead after restoring Cybertron’s population, Optimus Prime calls for Bumblebee to return to Earth as a new threat appears.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episodes

Season 01

Episode 01 - Pilot, Part 1

While helping Strongarm to apprehend Sideswipe, Bumblebee gets a vision of Optimus Prime that draws Bumblebee back to Earth with Strongarm and Sideswipe along for the ride. He finds that the Decepticon prison ship Alchemor has crash-landed on Earth and its Decepticon inmates have escaped.

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Episode 02 - Pilot, Part 2

Bumblebee’s new team and their allies struggle desperately to keep Underbite from chowing down on the metal spires of Crown City, but their unfamiliarity with each other creates much conflict before the Autobots finally figure a way to bring the Decepticon down, assisted by Optimus, who is apparently not quite deceased.

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Episode 03 - Trust Exercises

Bumblebee tries to build trust between his young charges in order to make a better team, but their immaturity makes the job difficult. Sideswipe and Strongarm in particular have a love-hate relationship, so when two Decepticon alerts come in simultaneously, Bee sends them to check out one while he and Grimlock investigate the other.

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Episode 04 - More Than Meets the Eye

As Russell struggles to fit in with local kids by joining their touch football game, Fixit’s feeling a little left out among his fellow ‘Bots, given that he remains behind when they go on missions.

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Episode 05 - W.W.O.D.?

Bumblebee must learn to lead in his own way as the team struggles to bring in a brutish Decepticon prisoner named Terrashock, whose stasis pod has been discovered by human authorities.

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Episode 06 - As the Kospego Commands!

Sideswipe’s loyalty to the team comes into question as he and Bumblebee track down a Decepticon crime boss named Thunderhoof, who wishes to complete a Space Bridge to Cybertron.

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