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Pokémon Movie 11: Giratina Aur Ek Mahaa Yodhha (Urdu, Hindi) Full Movie (1080p, 720p) HD

Pokémon Movie 11: Giratina Aur Ek Mahaa Yodhha (Urdu, Hindi) Full Movie (1080p, 720p) HD

When scientist Newton Graceland discovers a parallel universe known as the Reverse World, inhabited solely by the Pokémon called Giratina, he plans to harness its power. Although Graceland abandons that idea, his evil assistant Zero (Eric Stuart) secretly plots to capture the Reverse World for himself. In order to stop him, Graceland enlists Pokémon trainers Ash (Bill Rogers), Dawn (Daniel Jenkins) and Brock (Ikue Otani) to help Giratina stave off the treacherous Zero.

Movie Titles

  • Indian Title: Pokémon Giratina Aur Ek Mahaa Yodhha.
  • English Title: Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
  • Japanese Title: 劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール ギラティナと氷空(そら)の花束 シェイミ
  • Japanese Title (Hepburn): Gekijōban Poketto Monsutā Daiyamondo Pāru Giratina to Sora no Hanataba Sheimi
  • Japanese Title (Literally): Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Giratina and the Bouquet of the (Frozen) Sky: Shaymin

Release Dates

  • Japanese Release: July 19, 2008
  • English Release: February, 13, 2009 (Cartoon Network US)
  • Pakistani Release: August 21, 2011 (Cartoon Network Pakistan)
  • Indian Release: December 23, 2018 (Hungama TV)

Video Detail

  • Available Language (Audios): Urdu | Hindi | English
  • Quality: 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080), 720p HD (1280 x 720)
  • Dubbed By (Channel) : Hungama TV
  • Size: Unknown
  • Duration: 1 Hr 36 Min (96 Min)

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