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Hungama TV Nickelodeon Perman

Perman [Urdu, Hindi] Episodes (1983 – 1985)

Perman Urdu Hindi Episode 480p SD Hungama TV Dubbed

“Superman” (not to be confused with the American superhero Superman), later “Birdman”, gives a clumsy human boy, Mitsuo Suwa, three items to help him as Perman, Superman/Birdman’s apprentice: A helmet which multiplies the wearer’s physical strength by 6600 and the ability for the wearer to have the power of omnilingualism by spinning the ear part of the helmet, A cape that allows the wearer to fly at a speed of 119 km/h and run with great speed, A badge which enables the wearer to communicate with other Permen and to breathe underwater and in space.

Perman Episodes