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List of Doraemon Movies In (Urdu , Hindi) – Japanese Order Sorted

List of Doraemon Movies in Urdu - Hindi in 1080p Full HD , 720p HD, 480p SD

Doraemon Old Movies (1979 – 2004)

S No. Original Title Indian Title Original Year Indian Year Quality
06 Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars Doraemon In Nobita’s Little Star Wars 1985 2010 480p
09 Doraemon: The Record of Nobita’s Parallel Visit to the West Doraemon The Movie Nobita Bana Super-Hero 1988 2016 720p HD
12 Doraemon: Nobita’s Dorabian Nights Doraemon: Nobita’s Dorabian Nights 1991 2012
13 Doraemon: Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds Doraemon The Movie Nobita in Jannat No.1 1992 2014 480p HQ
15 Doraemon: Nobita’s Three Visionary Swordsmen Doraemon The Movie Nobita’s Three Magical Swordsmen 1994 2013
16 Doraemon: Nobita’s Diary of the Creation of the World Doraemon The Movie: Nobita Ki Nayi Duniya 1995 2016
17 Doraemon: Nobita and the Galaxy Super-express Doraemon: Nobita and the Galaxy Super 1996 720p HD
20 Doraemon: Nobita Drifts in the Universe Doraemon The Movie: Nobita Ki Universe Yatra 1999 2018 576p SD
23 Doraemon: Nobita in the Robot Kingdom Doraemon The Movie Nobita And The Kingdom Of Robot Singham 2002 2019 (Postponed) 720p HD
24 Doraemon: Nobita and the Windmasters Doraemon The Movie Toofani Adventure 2003 2016 720p HD
25 Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey Doraemon The Movie: Nobita In Ichi Mera Dost 2004 1080p Full HD

Doraemon New Movies (2005 -Present)

S No. Original Title Indian Title Original Year Indian Year Quality
27 Doraemon: Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Underworld Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom 2007 2014 720p HD
28 Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend Doraemon The Movie Nobita In Hara Hara Planet 2008 2017
29 Doraemon: Nobita’s Spaceblazer Doraemon Movie Adventure Of Koya Koya Planet 2009 2015
30 Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Battle of the Mermaid King Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Ek Jalpari 2010 2017
31 Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels Doraemon In Nobita And The Steel Troops The New Age 2011 2012
32 Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles ~Animal Adventure~ Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu 2012 2013 1080p  Full HD
33 Doraemon Movie 33: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum Doraemon Movie Gadget Museum Ka Rahasya 2013 2016
34 Doraemon: New Nobita’s Great Demon—Peko and the Exploration Party of Five Doraemon Movie Nobita The Explorer Bow! Bow! 2014 720p HD
35 Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Antariksh Daku 2015 2018 1080p Full HD

Doraemon Non Sequence 3D Movie

S No. Original Title Indian Title Original Year Indian Year Quality
01 Stand by Me Doraemon The Doraemon Movie Stand By Me 2014 2016 1080p  Full HD


Whats Upcoming!

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  • Frozen (Disney Channel)
  • Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and The Kingdom of Robot Singham (Disney Channel)